Future business owners, current developers, and framing contractors who are looking to expand their energy efficient building practices across the globe have already began manufacturing their own Epik Walls. And you can too! If you have a desire to create sustainable living and working structures in your city and have working capitol fill out the License Request form below and we will get you al the information you’ll need to start your journey as an Epik all framing company.

To begin production of your Epik Walls your basic team —with a minimum of 4 people and upwards of 100’s— would require at least 3 individuals to have some general framing knowledge ie be able to or willing to learn to read a tape measure, able to lift at least 60 pounds, run a drill and saw etc. The fourth staff member would need to be a detail oriented person with basic computer skills, capable of moving 40 pounds, and have the ability to mentally calculate 3rd grade math. Once up and operating the Epik Wall shops have found 12 team members to be the best staffed amount per assembly line.

Epik Global Walls Inc will provide each licensee with select foam cutting equipment and staff training to manufacture the Epik Wall system.

Click on the Providers tab to see if there is availability for a manufacturing license in your area.