Bringing The Framing Industry Into The New Green Age Of Construction

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  • Faster (savings of 1/3 of the build time)

  • Stronger

  • More energy efficient

  • More environmentally friendly

  • Class 1 / A fire rate

  • Resistant to expanding, contracting, warping, or cracking

  • Water resistant

  • Longer lasting

  • Bug resistant

  • Void of any harmful fibers or off-gassing

  • Easy to engineer (structural steel stud engineering)

  • LESS EXPENSIVE than traditional walls of equal insulated value!!

Ever rising building insulation code changes and framing requirements have complicated the building process and are increasing building expenses globally. These changes make it difficult and costly to bring traditional framed buildings up to code and delay project completion. Traditional building methods are not equipped to efficiently adapt to these and/or future building requirements.

As the world looks for efficient-cost effective solutions for sustainable development, Epik Walls has introduced the most efficient and streamlined wall panel system in the world. Epik Walls’ exterior panelized wall system incorporates high density EPS foam embedded with structural steel studs. Providing a fast, strong, energy efficient, sustainable, and affordable building solution.

The high insulating properties of EPS foam can achieve an insulation value of R-25 or more. In addition to the above R-value, the Epik Walls building envelope creates a tight seal on the foundation, preventing any energy loss through air leakage.

The foam and steel are completely recyclable materials which reduces leftover waste. Eliminating or even reducing wood products during the building process helps to not only reduce deforestation, but it also cuts down the amount of thermal bridging that takes place in conventional building practices.

Because Epik Walls are fabricated in a climate controlled environment we can improve construction speed —expediting other trades, not just the framing—, eliminate unnecessary waste, and ensure a quality finished product. These project specific panels are assembled, numbered, and shipped to the job site to be installed. Epic Walls are framed and insulated in one easy step, bringing substantial time savings to the project.

The panels are light and easy to ship. To get panels even sooner, setting up your own factory is easy and relatively inexpensive (check out our Licensee tab for details). Obtaining an Epik Walls License is simple and streamlined to help expedite building and completion of your “out of the way” projects faster. Save time and shipping costs on your custom project by having the ability to manufacture panels near by.

Epik Walls are easily adaptable to other building methods such as concrete foundations, slab-on-grade, I-joist floor systems, conventional trusses, full modular homes and so on. No matter what type of structure your project requires, Epik Walls can be used to enhance them.

The Epik Wall system is a perfect fit for your next “Green” project. Set yourself and your new building apart from the competition. We have all witnessed the mass awareness that home and business owners have given to monthly energy costs and of the increased importance of reducing each persons carbon footprint. Times are shifting and Epik Walls is ahead of the curve to meet this high demand.